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First Alert 0.17 Cubic Foot Fire and Water Protector Chest

By Passion4Safety

So you have some important digital media and small documents that is a must keep, not to be touched but preserved. Have you considered getting a protector chest to help store such things? has a .17 Cubic Foot Fire and Water Chest that accommodates small documents, credentials, and electronic media such as DVDs, CDs, memory card sticks, such things of the related field. What’s neat about this chest is that it’s portable, comes with two entry keys, and the most important feature of them all (besides the fact that this chest is fire and waterproof) it has a 5 year limited warranty with after-fire replacement guarantee. Even after something tragic as a fire, you do not have to worry about everything being a total loss. What are you waiting for? Order your protector chest today. Don’t wait, keep your important credentials from being loss or damaged.

First Alert .17 Cu. Ft. Fire and Water Protector Chest (2013F)


Memorial Day First Alert Home Safety and Security Sale – 20% Off

By Passion4Safety

To you, your family, and your friends, Happy Memorial Day! As you honor those that have served for our country, those loved ones that have gone on, or just share in the day with your family and friends, please in all matters be safe. While you are out and about and is thinking about taking the opportunity to shop and pick up a few items, sales are not just only a store or two away, but a click away as well. On First Alert Store, today and tomorrow only, there will be a home safety and security sale going on saving you 20% off of your purchased items (before shipping and handling). The great thing about this sale is that it is not just for the safety and security items, but for all items in the online store, SWEET! Valid May 30th to May 31st, use coupon code “SECURITY” and save today.

Disclaimer: Limit ONE coupon use per purchase transaction.

Extending Your Coverage: First Alert 50′ BNC Cable New to

By Passion4Safety

Have you ever purchased a kit or a system of some kind and the contents that came within them you find were just not enough, too short, etc? Here’s the worst case scanerio: what came within that kit or system, there is no replacements or additional attachments that can be purchased, ugh! First Alert helps to make your search for attachments, any additional needed much easier to locate and purchase. For my customers whom have purchased their security camera system or is considering purchasing a system, why not add the First Alert 50′ BNC Cable to your package. With this cable, you are able to increase the distance of your cameras from your receiver. There is no need to be within means if you do not have to; extend your coverage.

Illusions Says More Than Enough

By Passion4Safety

First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera (DC-1)

So you may not have the funds at the current moment to afford a security system package for your home, business, etc. What about having difficulty in deciding which security system package will best fit your needs however the need for visible security is now? First Alert has you covered. First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera is a camera that gives you the appearance of a real security surveillance camera. For those intruders that think they can intrude within that certain area, the camera has 30 nonworking infrared LED’s which really gives you the appearance that the camera is monitoring. So to your pockets, you can smile with ease in knowing that you can still protect your property whether the camera is actually in function or decoy for a very low price.  For those intruders, they know just from the camera on post to “do not intrude” whether it’s monitoring or not.

Don’t wait for later; order your decoy camera today!

By Popular Demand First Alert Single Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera

By Passion4Safety

For those of you who have already purchased the First Alert Digital Wireless Camera with 7″ Display Unit, look no further because has what you need. With this system, you can now purchase the First Alert Single Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera to add you to your existing system (which is expandable up to four cameras). This single camera just like the one included with the display unit, has night vision up to 40 feet, heat/motion detection, wireless range up to 750 feet, built-in microphone with audio, and versatility to be set up either indoors or outdoors. So if you want to have two cameras set up on the outside with two in the inside, all cameras set up in the inside, or all four cameras set up on the outside, you can definitely do just that. By popular demand the single camera add-ons are here! Don’t waste any time to purchase your additional cameras; do it today!. Give that one camera that came within your unit, other “friends” to help stand post and secure your premise.

To order your additional camera unit, please visit here.

First Alert Single Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera (D-520)

Shop and Save!

By Passion4Safety

“Times are hard”. “Less is more”. Most importantly what you can save, becomes the determining factor with what you can do, what you can buy, where you can go, etc. When it comes to shopping, consumers today (more than ever) have become much smarter and meticulous with their money being spent. Can you blame them! No. The best purchases made are those of quality and cost efficiency which we all can say is a ” pretty,special deal”.  At, they acknowledge the need for customers to have the “best of the best”  yet at an affordable cost. From smoke alarms to security doors, you do not have to worry about over-spending your money to have the best quality, supreme safety and security to protect you and your family. We all know some things such as our necessities, we can not live without. At least with some our necessities that pertains to our safety needs and well-being, we do not have to worry about paying so much out of pocket to the extreme receiving in return poor quality. Not with First Alert Store! Visit the online store today; shop and save!

You’ll Be Surprised at What You Can Get When You “Like” Us on Facebook and Complete an Entry Form

By Passion4Safety

For those of you whom are on Facebook, First Alert Store has a page. This page on Facebook features among many, some of the new products that are now being sold on the online store, customer comments, advice, and general discussion on items, safety matters, as well as experiences with some of the First Alert products previously purchased on First Alert Store . Not to mention on this Facebook page,  information on any promotions in the making (or has been) with bundles of savings on your next purchase. Tying in with First Alert Store online, you have a chance to “like” the Facebook page as well as complete the entry form online (on for your chance to win a fire extinguisher bundle pack. This bundle pack that you can win is the Tundra Fire Extinguisher Spray (2pk) and the First Alert Rechargeable Home Fire Extinguisher, teaming up to bring you a “fire-free” home.  With chances to enter into the contest once a day, why not invite your Facebook buddies to do the same; everybody needs to be safe and can use a fire extinguisher. Drawing date on July 15th, 2011, you and your friends have plenty of time to “get it in” on Facebook and First Alert Store.

Good Luck!