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First Alert 0.17 Cubic Foot Fire and Water Protector Chest

By Passion4Safety

So you have some important digital media and small documents that is a must keep, not to be touched but preserved. Have you considered getting a protector chest to help store such things? has a .17 Cubic Foot Fire and Water Chest that accommodates small documents, credentials, and electronic media such as DVDs, CDs, memory card sticks, such things of the related field. What’s neat about this chest is that it’s portable, comes with two entry keys, and the most important feature of them all (besides the fact that this chest is fire and waterproof) it has a 5 year limited warranty with after-fire replacement guarantee. Even after something tragic as a fire, you do not have to worry about everything being a total loss. What are you waiting for? Order your protector chest today. Don’t wait, keep your important credentials from being loss or damaged.

First Alert .17 Cu. Ft. Fire and Water Protector Chest (2013F)


Make It A Priority to Test Your Alarms Annually

by Passion4Safety

Most of us, not all, once we purchase our alarms and set, wire, and/or plug them into our home’s electrical system, forget about it until it goes off due to low battery or heavy smoke/Carbon Monoxide in the atmosphere that may cause the alarm to also sound. To test your alarm(s) regularly (whether it is every two, three, or six months) is something that should be done often; however in instances aren’t done due to other demanding priorities that may take precedence at that time/moment.  When it comes to saving a life very much your own, testing your alarm should be a priority. Check your alarm’s manufacturing date and warranty to make sure your alarm is in good standing and you are covered in the event you may need a replacement (if your alarm is not working properly or is malfunctioning). Also check the batteries (if your alarm requires them) to make sure they are still good and your “test” button to make sure that the alarm is working properly and effectively so that if in the event of danger, you and your family can be notified of danger approaching ahead.