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Memorial Day First Alert Home Safety and Security Sale – 20% Off

By Passion4Safety

To you, your family, and your friends, Happy Memorial Day! As you honor those that have served for our country, those loved ones that have gone on, or just share in the day with your family and friends, please in all matters be safe. While you are out and about and is thinking about taking the opportunity to shop and pick up a few items, sales are not just only a store or two away, but a click away as well. On First Alert Store, today and tomorrow only, there will be a home safety and security sale going on saving you 20% off of your purchased items (before shipping and handling). The great thing about this sale is that it is not just for the safety and security items, but for all items in the online store, SWEET! Valid May 30th to May 31st, use coupon code “SECURITY” and save today.

Disclaimer: Limit ONE coupon use per purchase transaction.


Illusions Says More Than Enough

By Passion4Safety

First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera (DC-1)

So you may not have the funds at the current moment to afford a security system package for your home, business, etc. What about having difficulty in deciding which security system package will best fit your needs however the need for visible security is now? First Alert has you covered. First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera is a camera that gives you the appearance of a real security surveillance camera. For those intruders that think they can intrude within that certain area, the camera has 30 nonworking infrared LED’s which really gives you the appearance that the camera is monitoring. So to your pockets, you can smile with ease in knowing that you can still protect your property whether the camera is actually in function or decoy for a very low price.  For those intruders, they know just from the camera on post to “do not intrude” whether it’s monitoring or not.

Don’t wait for later; order your decoy camera today!

Posted for Protection: First Alert Security Yard Sign

By Passion4Safety

Coming soon to; a sign that lets the world know that you are protected. The First Alert Security Yard Sign Security Package comes with a yard stake, sign with connector, and 4 anti-theft warning stickers. This way if any intruders even think about coming near your property, they have another thing coming! These signs will not only protect your property and state your territory (that it is protected and under 24-hour surveillance), but also protects your home and/or business with the anti-theft warning stickers just in case if any intruders so by chance think that they can just by-pass your outside security sign, the sticker reminds them on your door or window, anywhere you decide to place the warning stickers, that you are protected and to “do not try it!” 

First Alert Security Yard Sign (YS-1)


For more information about First Alert Security Yard Sign and how to purchase this package please click here.

Listen Up! First Alert 15″ LCD & DVR Combo with 4 Wired Cameras Can Help Your Home or Business Out

By Passion4Safety

4 Channel DVR 15" LCD Monitor Combo Unit (Security Package 1501)

You’re a new business starting, church community growing, or a new family home beginning. There is nothing like starting out your new home, business, and/or church community with a security system to help protect you, your family, or your community. For your home, it helps to keep a watch out for intruders or whenever you and your family may leave for the holidays or vacation, keep a “third eye” out on your home. How about that new business starting; keeping secured the assets your business has and the property where your business stands is quite a necessity for the protection of your business. What about that church home. You want to make sure as people enter in and out, are safely watched over and that the activity around the premises are doing nothing but promoting the church as well as securing the church’s assets at well. Buying a professional security system is great. What’s even better is buying a security system you have full control of: what can be seen, play back versatility, and cameras that you can choose to wire in whatever areas you feel are needed to be monitored the most.

For complete details about the First Alert 15″ LCD & DVR Combo with 4 Wired Cameras System, please visit here.

Tundra…All Around Convenience In A Can

By Passion4Safety

You just never know what may happen. However if something does happen, the first thing you would want to be is prepared right? With the upcoming spring/summer holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, as well as general summer fun like summer BBQ’s, fireworks, etc, you really have to take extra precaution within these seasons because that’s when fire-breakouts occur the most.  The Tundra Fire Extinguisher Spray is great to have or at least consider having. Very convenient unlike the standard fire extinguisher, it’s like taking a blanket of security with you where ever you may go. The Tundra can be stored anywhere. With it being very simple to use, and do not require a “recharge” every so often, when you think about it, in the event of a fire, the first reaction is always a “think quick” reaction. There is nothing like reaching over the counter or grabbing from the shelf that Tundra, pulling off the cap and spraying that fire to a cease. See, it’s just that simple! Almost like putting out the fire before it even starts.

For more detailed information on the Tundra, please visit the brochure here.

For pricing and availability as well as a host of other first alert products, please visit 

Happy spring, summer season everyone!

Look What Just Stormed In…First Alert and Leslie Locke Security Doors

by Passion4Safety

Yes that is right! Security doors are now new on the scene at  Made with style and durability, it prevents the worse from ever happening to your home. Preventing intrusions, First Alert has made your safety needs even more of a priority. With a variety of styles to choose from, color selection of these doors offered in black or in white, the affordable pricing on these doors makes the decision even easier to make on what type of door needed, in whatever style needed. For immediate viewing on the selections, styles, and prices of these security doors, please visit  First Alert and Leslie Locke Security Doors right away and place your order for your door today!

Remember take FIRST action.  ALERT your safety needs.

Spring into action with

by Passion4Safety

It’s that time of the year everybody loves, spring! You can now come out of the house to smell the fresh air and the blooming of beautiful flowers and trees.  For those that have experienced this past winter weather blizzard(s), we can FINALLY put away our shovels and the ice scrapers. If not already done so, get ready to cut off the furnace and switch over to central air (if you have a built-in central air unit) or prepare to place in that air conditioner or that fan to let the outside breeze flow in.  For more immediate needs, smoke alarms that are beyond the limited 10 year warranty time frame, replace them! As well as for those carbon monoxide alarms that have reached their 5 years in operation, replace them as well. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to get out your cash boxes for that spring cleaning, summer yard sales. For my hunters, check out our executive gun safes to store your guns away in time for the next hunting season. has all of your needs to not only maximize home safety and security, but proper storage as well.

Spring up; Spring forward. See you outside!