Have an Escape Plan. Save Your Family’s Life.

By Passion4Safety

We have all seen it happen or have heard of such awful tragedies where people whom were caught in a fire did not escape or could not escape, losing their life.  Although you can never be prepared for the unexpected, you can at least have a plan. So often we just go with the norm; we practice safety drills at work and at school because that’s what we have to do. It is required of us as a student or as an employee to participate in such safety drills for the well-being of our lives within these places. When it comes to reviewing these same safety drills at home, the chances are less likely because there is either no time or time has not been taken. If your family is one that falls into that category PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE take the time to go over your home’s escape plan like what to do in the event of a fire, where to go, and what’s your options for a way of escape. I encourage you today to take the time out with your family to go over an escape plan. Know where your exits are. Locate all doors and windows; help find that escape to save a life. If there is a need for assistance, take a look at the First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder and  Three Story Escape Ladder. As well, print out this diagram which has instructions and guidelines on how to plan carefully and what to consider when planning your family’s escape route.

Make your happy home a safe home. Plan ahead; save lives!


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