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A Step Away From Safety: First Alert Escape Ladders Make Fire Rescues Easier to Achieve

By Passion4Safety


Three Story Escape Ladder

Three Story Escape Ladder

Fully assembled and ready to use, First Alert’s Two and Three Story Escape Ladders help protect your family by providing an escape passage away from fires and/or other emergencies. With saving time, money, and minutes/hours of installation, all you have to do is attach the ladder to your second floor (Two Story) or third floor (Three Story) bedroom window ledge and deploy.  For just $69.99 for the Three Story Escape Ladder and $33.99 for the Two Story Escape Ladder available for purchase at, the cost of saving your life and the lives of others in your household, PRICELESS!


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Two Story Escape Ladder

Three Story Escape Ladder


Although we may not know what the future may bring, why not at least be prepared with safety precaution!


First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup – 48 pack

9120B-48B-Hardwired_Smoke_Alarm_with_Battery_Backup_48_pack_bulk_packedBy: Safety Lab

The contractor pack of hardwired smoke alarms with battery backup isn’t just for new construction it is a perfect fit for apartment complexes, fire departments and other organizations. This bulk smoke detector comes in a convenient 48 pack that includes individual packaging, a battery and a manual for each alarm. Unlike a photoelectric smoke alarm, that detects smoldering fires, this ionization smoke alarm will detect rapid fast-moving fires by measuring particles in the air.  By simply connecting them to the pre-existing orange wiring at the time of installation this alarm is interconnected and will warn you of a fire in another area of your home. Some convenient features include the battery backup that will keep your alarm functioning as normal during a power outage and the optional locking feature that will help discourage unauthorized removal of the battery and/or actual alarm.

Win First Alert Wireless CO & Smoke Detector Home System

By Passion4Safety

When considering your next set of alarms to replace in your household, why not consider ONELink Wireless Talking Battery Operated CO & Smoke Detector Twin Pack. Not only does this ONELink combination alarm save time with installation, it also save you double in your pocket of purchasing a single/separate smoke and carbon monoxide alarm unit(s). As an added feature to this ONELink Wireless Combination Alarm Twin Pack, you have the opportunity to win this twin pack for Free! So why not let your new system of alarms be on the house from!


Put in your entry today to win a product that can save lives, most importantly save your life and the lives in your household.



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