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First Alert 0.17 Cubic Foot Fire and Water Protector Chest

By Passion4Safety

So you have some important digital media and small documents that is a must keep, not to be touched but preserved. Have you considered getting a protector chest to help store such things? has a .17 Cubic Foot Fire and Water Chest that accommodates small documents, credentials, and electronic media such as DVDs, CDs, memory card sticks, such things of the related field. What’s neat about this chest is that it’s portable, comes with two entry keys, and the most important feature of them all (besides the fact that this chest is fire and waterproof) it has a 5 year limited warranty with after-fire replacement guarantee. Even after something tragic as a fire, you do not have to worry about everything being a total loss. What are you waiting for? Order your protector chest today. Don’t wait, keep your important credentials from being loss or damaged.

First Alert .17 Cu. Ft. Fire and Water Protector Chest (2013F)


Tundra…All Around Convenience In A Can

By Passion4Safety

You just never know what may happen. However if something does happen, the first thing you would want to be is prepared right? With the upcoming spring/summer holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, as well as general summer fun like summer BBQ’s, fireworks, etc, you really have to take extra precaution within these seasons because that’s when fire-breakouts occur the most.  The Tundra Fire Extinguisher Spray is great to have or at least consider having. Very convenient unlike the standard fire extinguisher, it’s like taking a blanket of security with you where ever you may go. The Tundra can be stored anywhere. With it being very simple to use, and do not require a “recharge” every so often, when you think about it, in the event of a fire, the first reaction is always a “think quick” reaction. There is nothing like reaching over the counter or grabbing from the shelf that Tundra, pulling off the cap and spraying that fire to a cease. See, it’s just that simple! Almost like putting out the fire before it even starts.

For more detailed information on the Tundra, please visit the brochure here.

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Happy spring, summer season everyone!

New To Mounting Brackets For Fire Extinguishers

By Passion4Safety

No more having to look for one without the other! Due to popular demands, now offers mounting brackets for small and large fire extinguishers.  For those of you whom already purchased your extinguishers, look no further; we have what you need to keep them in place. As for those that need to purchase fire extinguishers, why not make it a one-stop-shop to purchase an extinguisher and bracket all at the same time. Meeting UL standards and is corrosion resistant, these brackets can be mounted anywhere such as your home, vehicle, or for marine use; making these brackets durable for almost anything.

(BRACKET2) First Alert Small Fire Extinguisher Mounting Bracket

(BRACKET5) First Alert Large Fire Extinguisher Mounting Bracket

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