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Illusions Says More Than Enough

By Passion4Safety

First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera (DC-1)

So you may not have the funds at the current moment to afford a security system package for your home, business, etc. What about having difficulty in deciding which security system package will best fit your needs however the need for visible security is now? First Alert has you covered. First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera is a camera that gives you the appearance of a real security surveillance camera. For those intruders that think they can intrude within that certain area, the camera has 30 nonworking infrared LED’s which really gives you the appearance that the camera is monitoring. So to your pockets, you can smile with ease in knowing that you can still protect your property whether the camera is actually in function or decoy for a very low price.  For those intruders, they know just from the camera on post to “do not intrude” whether it’s monitoring or not.

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Taking it to a whole new level: First Alert Digital Wireless Indoor Family Monitor System

By Passion4Safety

First Alert Digital Wireless Indoor Family Monitoring System (D545B)

Congratulations to you and your family or someone that you may know starting their life with a bundle of joy. There is nothing like having a new addition to the family, someone so precious to help to carry on your family’s legacy. As you or someone that you know are busy preparing for that future little boy and/or girl, there are a lot of things that must be purchased for the safe haven of the baby and his or her environment. For example buying bottles, pampers, a sturdy/reliable crib,  and walker are just a list among many things that need to be purchased in contribution to and for the baby. Of one of the important essentials needed, a baby monitoring system to be able to keep a listen out on your sleeping or playing baby within their room. First Alert, yet again, has made our journey easy with the First Alert Digital Wireless Indoor Family Monitoring System. This system unlike the “old school” monitoring system we all know of or had is not only a monitoring system but a viewing system as well. Built with night vision up to 10 feet, passive infrared motion detection, and a crystal clear color display, not only can you hear your baby, but you can see your baby as well. With the secured digital signal, you will definitely have no problem with any interruption.  When the baby starts to grow and begins to walk and independent play, keep this system around because it is also great to monitor your child in his or her room making sure that they are not meddling into anything dangerous and/or getting into something that could get them into trouble or hurt them in any way (i.e. touching electronics, breaking glass, playing in mommy’s make up or daddy’s clothing, tools, etc).

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Make you happy home a safe home.