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Illusions Says More Than Enough

By Passion4Safety

First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera (DC-1)

So you may not have the funds at the current moment to afford a security system package for your home, business, etc. What about having difficulty in deciding which security system package will best fit your needs however the need for visible security is now? First Alert has you covered. First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera is a camera that gives you the appearance of a real security surveillance camera. For those intruders that think they can intrude within that certain area, the camera has 30 nonworking infrared LED’s which really gives you the appearance that the camera is monitoring. So to your pockets, you can smile with ease in knowing that you can still protect your property whether the camera is actually in function or decoy for a very low price.  For those intruders, they know just from the camera on post to “do not intrude” whether it’s monitoring or not.

Don’t wait for later; order your decoy camera today!


New To Mounting Brackets For Fire Extinguishers

By Passion4Safety

No more having to look for one without the other! Due to popular demands, now offers mounting brackets for small and large fire extinguishers.  For those of you whom already purchased your extinguishers, look no further; we have what you need to keep them in place. As for those that need to purchase fire extinguishers, why not make it a one-stop-shop to purchase an extinguisher and bracket all at the same time. Meeting UL standards and is corrosion resistant, these brackets can be mounted anywhere such as your home, vehicle, or for marine use; making these brackets durable for almost anything.

(BRACKET2) First Alert Small Fire Extinguisher Mounting Bracket

(BRACKET5) First Alert Large Fire Extinguisher Mounting Bracket

For more  information on the different kinds of extinguishers and brackets, please visit

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands: Home Security

By Passion4Safety

National security isn’t the only thing we need to worry about. Being safe and secure within our homes, it starts here first. The best part about investing in home security, you don’t have to pay extreme out-of-pocket prices to be able to optimize your safety. makes your safety needs a priority without going to the extreme by giving you what you need with a minimal price to pay. For starters, the First Alert Digital Wireless Recording Kit comes with everything you need to start-up your security system; operating with no setbacks. This kit comes with: digital wireless recording camera system, weather resistant indoor/outdoor camera,  power supplies for the receiver and camera, AV cables, camera stand, remote control for the added convenience, camera mounting hardware, and last but not least a 2GB SD card; all for a reasonable price. Being secured has never been made easier to overcome. While the weather is in the midst of warming up, take the opportunity to put into action on your list of “To Do’s” of installing or updating your home security. Taking the time to invest in your well-being and security and influencing others to do the same, the world (from neighborhoods to communities, to towns, across states and so forth), will be one step closer to being a safe haven.

Take FIRST action…

ALERT your safety needs

For more information about the First Alert Digital Wireless Recording Kit and other First Alert home security products, please visit

Preparing Yourself Has Never Been Better with First Alert Water Alarm

by Passion4Safety

No one wants to deal with the after-effects once severe weather such as a flash flood, heavy rain, or thunderstorm has swept the area; especially if such severe weather created a flood within your home, garage, or anywhere within your area where water can be collected. The time it takes to clean and rid the water can be lengthy; more so the unforeseen cost to repair anything in site damaged by the flood. Perhaps if you had not had the chance to buy home owner and/or renter’s insurance, you are asking to pay a pretty penny to replace those things (especially those things necessary) damaged by the water intake let alone to repair the damaged area. Coming soon within a matter of days, you have the opportunity to purchase some help. First Alert’s Water Alarm is a 3 pack alarm with sensors that alarms when the unit senses water. Having this alarm, you are able to detect water gathering at a very early stage and be able to (if possible) remove and/or rid those things surrounding the water intake (if not able to remove the water) before the flood damage those goods you may not have the unexpected means right away to replace/repair.  Although we can not stop nature, we can at least be prepared for when it strikes and take action just in time.

To view the First Alert Water Alarm (3pk) product and its specks, please click here.

Holy Moldy! Controlling the Outspread of Mold

by Passion4Safety

Pollen is not the only thing this year we need to worry about. This spring season, we’ve reached a record high count of pollen causing higher than normal allergic/sinus outbreaks. Mold, by far, is another contributor we can add to the list that causes (minor) health issues.  Mold, a fungus that grows in damp areas, can cause health problems such as sinus, allergies, hay-fever, and common skin irritations if inhaled and/or physically exposed. The #1 way to stop the growth of mold is to reduce moisture. Allowing mold to grow in dampened areas without doing anything to stop its growth, could be asking for some irritating health problems I’m sure all if not most do not want to spend the inconvenienced time nor the money to treat. Let alone the damage(s) it can do to our property that can be costly to replace/repair or too damaged to preserve.

If you are concerned about mold being in your home, has a Mold Test Kit that is simple to use and affordable to achieve results (minimal lab analysis fee per sample).


Protecting Our Home Means Protecting Our Children

by Passion4Safety

As parents, especially parents of newborns and young children, we become quite concern with our children’s atmosphere; protecting our children from hurting themselves. We purchase electrical outlet covers, corner rail-guards, gates, etc., to protect our children from dangering themselves in our homes. Little do some know besides the protective coverings, there are more serious things in our atmosphere we need to worry about protecting our children from. Lead, a highly toxic metal, damages the nervous connections (especially in young children) causing blood and brain disorders (see: Wikipedia – Lead and for more information)., has a Lead Test Kit that is not only convenient to perform and simple to receive immediate results, but is affordable to purchase for the sake of safety, saving our children’s lives (not to mention our own) to perform and live a healthy, growing life.

Here is a video on what the Lead Test Kit contains and brief instructions: