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Illusions Says More Than Enough

By Passion4Safety

First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera (DC-1)

So you may not have the funds at the current moment to afford a security system package for your home, business, etc. What about having difficulty in deciding which security system package will best fit your needs however the need for visible security is now? First Alert has you covered. First Alert Indoor/Outdoor Decoy Camera is a camera that gives you the appearance of a real security surveillance camera. For those intruders that think they can intrude within that certain area, the camera has 30 nonworking infrared LED’s which really gives you the appearance that the camera is monitoring. So to your pockets, you can smile with ease in knowing that you can still protect your property whether the camera is actually in function or decoy for a very low price.  For those intruders, they know just from the camera on post to “do not intrude” whether it’s monitoring or not.

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Posted for Protection: First Alert Security Yard Sign

By Passion4Safety

Coming soon to; a sign that lets the world know that you are protected. The First Alert Security Yard Sign Security Package comes with a yard stake, sign with connector, and 4 anti-theft warning stickers. This way if any intruders even think about coming near your property, they have another thing coming! These signs will not only protect your property and state your territory (that it is protected and under 24-hour surveillance), but also protects your home and/or business with the anti-theft warning stickers just in case if any intruders so by chance think that they can just by-pass your outside security sign, the sticker reminds them on your door or window, anywhere you decide to place the warning stickers, that you are protected and to “do not try it!” 

First Alert Security Yard Sign (YS-1)


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