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Shop and Save!

By Passion4Safety

“Times are hard”. “Less is more”. Most importantly what you can save, becomes the determining factor with what you can do, what you can buy, where you can go, etc. When it comes to shopping, consumers today (more than ever) have become much smarter and meticulous with their money being spent. Can you blame them! No. The best purchases made are those of quality and cost efficiency which we all can say is a ” pretty,special deal”.  At, they acknowledge the need for customers to have the “best of the best”  yet at an affordable cost. From smoke alarms to security doors, you do not have to worry about over-spending your money to have the best quality, supreme safety and security to protect you and your family. We all know some things such as our necessities, we can not live without. At least with some our necessities that pertains to our safety needs and well-being, we do not have to worry about paying so much out of pocket to the extreme receiving in return poor quality. Not with First Alert Store! Visit the online store today; shop and save!


Spring into action with

by Passion4Safety

It’s that time of the year everybody loves, spring! You can now come out of the house to smell the fresh air and the blooming of beautiful flowers and trees.  For those that have experienced this past winter weather blizzard(s), we can FINALLY put away our shovels and the ice scrapers. If not already done so, get ready to cut off the furnace and switch over to central air (if you have a built-in central air unit) or prepare to place in that air conditioner or that fan to let the outside breeze flow in.  For more immediate needs, smoke alarms that are beyond the limited 10 year warranty time frame, replace them! As well as for those carbon monoxide alarms that have reached their 5 years in operation, replace them as well. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to get out your cash boxes for that spring cleaning, summer yard sales. For my hunters, check out our executive gun safes to store your guns away in time for the next hunting season. has all of your needs to not only maximize home safety and security, but proper storage as well.

Spring up; Spring forward. See you outside!

Make It A Priority to Test Your Alarms Annually

by Passion4Safety

Most of us, not all, once we purchase our alarms and set, wire, and/or plug them into our home’s electrical system, forget about it until it goes off due to low battery or heavy smoke/Carbon Monoxide in the atmosphere that may cause the alarm to also sound. To test your alarm(s) regularly (whether it is every two, three, or six months) is something that should be done often; however in instances aren’t done due to other demanding priorities that may take precedence at that time/moment.  When it comes to saving a life very much your own, testing your alarm should be a priority. Check your alarm’s manufacturing date and warranty to make sure your alarm is in good standing and you are covered in the event you may need a replacement (if your alarm is not working properly or is malfunctioning). Also check the batteries (if your alarm requires them) to make sure they are still good and your “test” button to make sure that the alarm is working properly and effectively so that if in the event of danger, you and your family can be notified of danger approaching ahead.

First Alert Store Blog – Home Safety

Welcome to First Alert Store Blog, corporate blog of This blog is written by our home safety specialists and was created to share the experience, wisdom and insight of our home safety specialists with both consumer and emergency professionals.

We will share our insight into common home safety issues as well as provide information about related home safety products we carry and their functionality. We will share industry-related news and encourage discussion. We will explain uses of products and share customer experiences and testimonials that may help you, our readers, make wise decisions regarding your own home safety.

We will also post FAQs about product use, and introduce upcoming home safety products, product specials, and First Alert Contests where you can enter to win some of our best-selling home safety products such as the popular, effective Tundra, fire-extinguishing spray in a light-weight spray can that is easy to use.