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Spring into action with

by Passion4Safety

It’s that time of the year everybody loves, spring! You can now come out of the house to smell the fresh air and the blooming of beautiful flowers and trees.  For those that have experienced this past winter weather blizzard(s), we can FINALLY put away our shovels and the ice scrapers. If not already done so, get ready to cut off the furnace and switch over to central air (if you have a built-in central air unit) or prepare to place in that air conditioner or that fan to let the outside breeze flow in.  For more immediate needs, smoke alarms that are beyond the limited 10 year warranty time frame, replace them! As well as for those carbon monoxide alarms that have reached their 5 years in operation, replace them as well. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to get out your cash boxes for that spring cleaning, summer yard sales. For my hunters, check out our executive gun safes to store your guns away in time for the next hunting season. has all of your needs to not only maximize home safety and security, but proper storage as well.

Spring up; Spring forward. See you outside!


Lifesaving Senate Bill signed in California!

Kudos to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, for signing the lifesaving California Senate Bill 183, earlier this summer!  This bill requires all owners of single family homes that have a fossil-fuel burning appliance, fireplace, or attached garage to install carbon monoxide (CO) alarms by July 2011.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide, but at high levels, it can kill you in minutes.  Hundreds of people each year die from malfunctioning or improperly used fuel burning appliances, and even more die from CO produced by idling cars.

California’s Air Resource Board reported that carbon monoxide causes 40 “avoidable” deaths each year and 700 “avoidable” emergency room visits in California alone.

Luckily, lifesaving CO alarms are available with big savings on  You even have the option of combination smoke and CO alarms or a combination explosive gas and CO alarm. is currently offering 10% off our already discounted prices on any CO alarm in our store!  Visit and buy your Carbon Monoxide Alarm from our large selection of CO alarms; found here:

Explosive Gas Carbon Monoxide Combo AlarmHardwired Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Back-UpBasic Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Hurry Before It’s Too Late! Enter in your chance to win a First Alert Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Home System

By Passion4Safety

As you finish up your Spring-cleaning making way for the summer, include safe guarding your house. By safe guarding your house, now would be a good time in the midst of your cleaning to check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to see if it is time for a replacement. Even if it is not time to replace any of your alarms, checking your alarms as apart of your Spring-cleaning is something good to do. If in need or maybe know of a friend or relative that’s in need of a new/replacement alarm, enter in for your chance to win a First Alert Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Home System on With this system, you will be covering your basis of having a Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarm all in one. Not to mention because it is Onelink Wireless, both alarms will interconnect with one another so that in the time of danger, the alarm that is around smoke and/or carbon monoxide (detected) will respond and communicate with the other alarm, notifying you properly with its voice command of where the danger is coming from.

To view the contest details and to enter in your chance to win please click here.

Win the alarm(s); give an alarm; share an alarm.