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Have an Escape Plan. Save Your Family’s Life.

By Passion4Safety

We have all seen it happen or have heard of such awful tragedies where people whom were caught in a fire did not escape or could not escape, losing their life.  Although you can never be prepared for the unexpected, you can at least have a plan. So often we just go with the norm; we practice safety drills at work and at school because that’s what we have to do. It is required of us as a student or as an employee to participate in such safety drills for the well-being of our lives within these places. When it comes to reviewing these same safety drills at home, the chances are less likely because there is either no time or time has not been taken. If your family is one that falls into that category PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE take the time to go over your home’s escape plan like what to do in the event of a fire, where to go, and what’s your options for a way of escape. I encourage you today to take the time out with your family to go over an escape plan. Know where your exits are. Locate all doors and windows; help find that escape to save a life. If there is a need for assistance, take a look at the First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder and  Three Story Escape Ladder. As well, print out this diagram which has instructions and guidelines on how to plan carefully and what to consider when planning your family’s escape route.

Make your happy home a safe home. Plan ahead; save lives!


Taking it to a whole new level: First Alert Digital Wireless Indoor Family Monitor System

By Passion4Safety

First Alert Digital Wireless Indoor Family Monitoring System (D545B)

Congratulations to you and your family or someone that you may know starting their life with a bundle of joy. There is nothing like having a new addition to the family, someone so precious to help to carry on your family’s legacy. As you or someone that you know are busy preparing for that future little boy and/or girl, there are a lot of things that must be purchased for the safe haven of the baby and his or her environment. For example buying bottles, pampers, a sturdy/reliable crib,  and walker are just a list among many things that need to be purchased in contribution to and for the baby. Of one of the important essentials needed, a baby monitoring system to be able to keep a listen out on your sleeping or playing baby within their room. First Alert, yet again, has made our journey easy with the First Alert Digital Wireless Indoor Family Monitoring System. This system unlike the “old school” monitoring system we all know of or had is not only a monitoring system but a viewing system as well. Built with night vision up to 10 feet, passive infrared motion detection, and a crystal clear color display, not only can you hear your baby, but you can see your baby as well. With the secured digital signal, you will definitely have no problem with any interruption.  When the baby starts to grow and begins to walk and independent play, keep this system around because it is also great to monitor your child in his or her room making sure that they are not meddling into anything dangerous and/or getting into something that could get them into trouble or hurt them in any way (i.e. touching electronics, breaking glass, playing in mommy’s make up or daddy’s clothing, tools, etc).

Make the right choice to secure your newborn baby and/or child right with this monitoring system. Purchase it today on!

Make you happy home a safe home.

Posted for Protection: First Alert Security Yard Sign

By Passion4Safety

Coming soon to; a sign that lets the world know that you are protected. The First Alert Security Yard Sign Security Package comes with a yard stake, sign with connector, and 4 anti-theft warning stickers. This way if any intruders even think about coming near your property, they have another thing coming! These signs will not only protect your property and state your territory (that it is protected and under 24-hour surveillance), but also protects your home and/or business with the anti-theft warning stickers just in case if any intruders so by chance think that they can just by-pass your outside security sign, the sticker reminds them on your door or window, anywhere you decide to place the warning stickers, that you are protected and to “do not try it!” 

First Alert Security Yard Sign (YS-1)


For more information about First Alert Security Yard Sign and how to purchase this package please click here.

Chirp…Chirp…Chirp…Keeping Your Alarm From Sounding Unnecessarily

By Passion4Safety 

Doesn’t this just irritate you when your smoke alarm goes off and there is no sign of fire or smoke present? I’m sure it is also frustrating because what most people do when the smoke alarm chirps without there being any sign of present danger is do a test, reset, and/or replace the battery. After doing all of that, the alarm still chirps; ugh! Well here are some additional things you can do to help stop your alarm from chirping (if it is alarming without cause (fire and/or smoke)), keeping it up to part, working properly:

  • Double check the cover or sensor of your alarm to make sure that your alarm is free from dirt, dust, or insects.
  • Check to see if there was power interruption. A lot of times when power is interrupted such as a power outage (if your alarm is hardwired), you alarm will sound off when power is interrupted and is trying to be restored.
  • Along with power interruptions, weak connections to your electrical unit can cause intermitted chirps as well.
  • Improper wiring of your alarms can give a beeping/chirping sound indicating that your wires are not connected correctly.
  • For those battery operated smoke alarms, make sure that the batteries you are using to replace, are completely new “fresh” batteries. Depending on where you store your unused batteries, it can loose some its charge before being used (i.e. storing unused batteries in cold areas vs. in a cool, dry area where the temperature is moderated.


For more information on what you can do to keep your alarm in proper working order, please consult your manual for specific troubleshooting tips and guidelines.

Keep your happy home, a safe home.

Listen Up! First Alert 15″ LCD & DVR Combo with 4 Wired Cameras Can Help Your Home or Business Out

By Passion4Safety

4 Channel DVR 15" LCD Monitor Combo Unit (Security Package 1501)

You’re a new business starting, church community growing, or a new family home beginning. There is nothing like starting out your new home, business, and/or church community with a security system to help protect you, your family, or your community. For your home, it helps to keep a watch out for intruders or whenever you and your family may leave for the holidays or vacation, keep a “third eye” out on your home. How about that new business starting; keeping secured the assets your business has and the property where your business stands is quite a necessity for the protection of your business. What about that church home. You want to make sure as people enter in and out, are safely watched over and that the activity around the premises are doing nothing but promoting the church as well as securing the church’s assets at well. Buying a professional security system is great. What’s even better is buying a security system you have full control of: what can be seen, play back versatility, and cameras that you can choose to wire in whatever areas you feel are needed to be monitored the most.

For complete details about the First Alert 15″ LCD & DVR Combo with 4 Wired Cameras System, please visit here.

Let First Alert Rescue Mat Be Your Aid to Walk on Water and Help Someone!

by Passion4Safety

Rescue Mat Water Rescue Device

If you had the ability to walk on water and save someone in danger would you? For our fire departments, saving a life in danger out in our waters 2 to 3 seconds sooner (from this device) is much rewarding than you can imagine. Also the added convenience of unwrapping and deploying, this water rescue device is quick without the hassle. Although all water devices are good because they all have one common goal in mind: to save and prevent, with this First Alert Rescue Mat, it is 25ft in length and 5 feet in width. You can deploy from your station, land, or dock without dangering yourself in the process of saving someone else. Something else that is good to consider, with it holding up to 1,250 lbs of weight in open water with advanced stability, not only will you be able to save one, you can save all. We all know that it’s a heartache to see and be able to go back and forth and save people in danger one by one versus knowing that for all those in danger (if multiple people are involved) in our waters, can be rescued all at once. Keep in mind that this device is not just good for our fire departments but resorts, boating clubs, centers, just anywhere where water activity and attraction is near, danger could be present. Saving someone in danger do not have any requirements but getting out there, saving that person or people from danger.

(These excellent videos above and below are the judge in showing you the rescue mat full performance)

Not Your Average Carbon Monoxide Alarm: Combination Explosive Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Backlit Digital Display

By Passion4Safety

Explosive Gas Carbon Monoxide Combo Alarm (GCO1CN)

When you look at this alarm, you do not see your typical circle or oval-shaped carbon monoxide alarm. Instead you see an alarm with a backlit digital display you can view danger, current, and peak co levels within your home. Not to mention if you open up the front cover on the alarm, under the cover you will find a storage compartment where a 9v battery (backup) runs if in the event of an electrical power outage and your plug-in (portion of your alarm) is not able to function at that time. Speaking of plug-in, did you know that the plug-in to this alarm is detachable to be able to high mount or low mount your alarm? Yes, talk about extra benefits.  This alarm just doesn’t test for carbon monoxide (the obvious of them all), it also test for explosive gases such as propane and natural/methane gas. With such an alarm as this, carbon monoxide is not the only thing as you see that we have to be concerned with; gases that cause an explosion if not detected and cleared out is another concern. Do not worry if carbon monoxide or any gases are detected with this alarm; with the loud 85db alarm, you will have no problem hearing this alarm across any part of the rooms in your house whether doors are opened or closed.

I encourage you to check out this video below to get a closer look at this Combination Explosive Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm: