Chirp…Chirp…Chirp…Keeping Your Alarm From Sounding Unnecessarily

By Passion4Safety 

Doesn’t this just irritate you when your smoke alarm goes off and there is no sign of fire or smoke present? I’m sure it is also frustrating because what most people do when the smoke alarm chirps without there being any sign of present danger is do a test, reset, and/or replace the battery. After doing all of that, the alarm still chirps; ugh! Well here are some additional things you can do to help stop your alarm from chirping (if it is alarming without cause (fire and/or smoke)), keeping it up to part, working properly:

  • Double check the cover or sensor of your alarm to make sure that your alarm is free from dirt, dust, or insects.
  • Check to see if there was power interruption. A lot of times when power is interrupted such as a power outage (if your alarm is hardwired), you alarm will sound off when power is interrupted and is trying to be restored.
  • Along with power interruptions, weak connections to your electrical unit can cause intermitted chirps as well.
  • Improper wiring of your alarms can give a beeping/chirping sound indicating that your wires are not connected correctly.
  • For those battery operated smoke alarms, make sure that the batteries you are using to replace, are completely new “fresh” batteries. Depending on where you store your unused batteries, it can loose some its charge before being used (i.e. storing unused batteries in cold areas vs. in a cool, dry area where the temperature is moderated.


For more information on what you can do to keep your alarm in proper working order, please consult your manual for specific troubleshooting tips and guidelines.

Keep your happy home, a safe home.


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