Let First Alert Rescue Mat Be Your Aid to Walk on Water and Help Someone!

by Passion4Safety

Rescue Mat Water Rescue Device

If you had the ability to walk on water and save someone in danger would you? For our fire departments, saving a life in danger out in our waters 2 to 3 seconds sooner (from this device) is much rewarding than you can imagine. Also the added convenience of unwrapping and deploying, this water rescue device is quick without the hassle. Although all water devices are good because they all have one common goal in mind: to save and prevent, with this First Alert Rescue Mat, it is 25ft in length and 5 feet in width. You can deploy from your station, land, or dock without dangering yourself in the process of saving someone else. Something else that is good to consider, with it holding up to 1,250 lbs of weight in open water with advanced stability, not only will you be able to save one, you can save all. We all know that it’s a heartache to see and be able to go back and forth and save people in danger one by one versus knowing that for all those in danger (if multiple people are involved) in our waters, can be rescued all at once. Keep in mind that this device is not just good for our fire departments but resorts, boating clubs, centers, just anywhere where water activity and attraction is near, danger could be present. Saving someone in danger do not have any requirements but getting out there, saving that person or people from danger.

(These excellent videos above and below are the judge in showing you the rescue mat full performance)


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