Cash Out Just Right with First Alert Deluxe Cash Box / Money Tray

by Passion4Safety

It’s that time of the year garage sales and flea markets are springing into action. As well with the sprout of neighborhood carnivals and events, folks it’s time to go out and enjoy the summer. For those that are a part of a religious denomination, this is the season of church picnics, BBQ’s, and a host of many other fun-gathering events. For some events, the cost of attending is free.  For other events there may be a charge to help collect funds for a direct purpose and for the ones working behind the scene, having something like the First Alert Deluxe Cash Box / Money Tray will not only help you keep monies in order, but also keep the security of (possible) intruders.  It also prevents you from keeping together a “made-up” box to help collect funds, distribute passes. This box, built with a removable 6 compartment coin tray and 4 spring-loaded currency clips to hold your bills in place, helps keep the entrance line(s) down from having to fight through those stack of bills (because there is no where or place to keep money in its respectful order) just to give change back to those that gave in return, a large bill to break. With its coated steel protection and 2 entrance keys, you have a safe place to lock and store funds. For those like myself, that try to invest in saving on-the-side for a rainy day/future event, it is also a good tray to have to keep your personal monies together, collect and gather neatly those stash-away funds 🙂

For more information, product and specs, please click here.


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