Identifying Your Security Needs: The Pros and Cons to Combination and Digital Lock Safes

by Passion4Safety

Shopping for security safes can be quite a meticulous task. There are so many different styles and security features but which one is the best one? When it comes to shopping for a security safe for whatever personal goods you are trying to preserve/protect, you will come across two main styles (besides the original key- locked safes): Combination and digital. Of these different types of safes, they work to achieve one main goal: to protect your goods from outside intruders, water, and fire damage. However there are some pros and cons you must consider when shopping for different types/styles of safes.

Combination Lock

First Alert .94 Cu. Ft. Water Fire Theft Combination Safe

With the combination lock, it requires no maintenance; no battery replacements or no “lockdowns”. With a twist to the left, over to the right, and back to the left (or vise versa), you will be able to unlock the contents in the safe in a matter of seconds. However with combination locks, in the need of urgency, should you mistakenly enter in the wrong combination, you will have to start all over again to renter in your combination (correctly), taking more time than needed to retrieve your preserved goods in the time of urgency. Also if you should decide to do a combination change, you will have to contact a locksmith or the manufacturer to do so.

Digital Lock

First Alert .94 Cu. Ft. Water Fire Theft Digital Safe

Digital, with the punch of a couple of buttons, is quick, fast, and easy to do not to mention convienenent. Within a matter of seconds, not even, you have whatever it is you needed locked away in your safe. However, just like a smoke alarm, you have to stay on top of changing your battery every so often (at least once a year) to keep your digital dial pad in working order. Depending on limited attempts you get to unlock your safe with your password combination code, once locked out, you may have to wait a short period (lockdown period) to try for access again.


There is not one safe that isn’t safe; they all work well and protect your goods. The type of safe that is the best depends on your needs and what works well for you along with the type of lock that is best compatible to your needs.

To view available safes please visit here: First Alert Safe and Cash Boxes


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