Holy Moldy!! PT.2 Tips and Tricks to Help Reduce Mold in your Home.

By Passion4Safety

As we endure the rest of this spring season with rain and occasional severe weather, preventing mold should be an immediate follow-up. Many times we see condensation on our windows and don’t think anything of it; or may have experienced a flood and have immediately disposed of those goods damaged beyond use but may have failed to check other surrounded areas impacted by the flood. What about the times we take showers without running our bathroom air vents, producing moisture. All of these instances create mold if we don’t remove moisture right within 24 to 48 hours moisture is present.  As stated before, the key to reducing mold is MOISTURE CONTROL. However if you should experience an outspread of mold, here are some user-friendly tips you can take on reducing mold:


Using appliances such as air conditioners and de-humidifiers are a good source in removing moisture. Whenever you are cooking, showering, or cleaning, running a fan and/or opening some windows for air ventilation keeps control of the humidity in your home also.  Generally increasing your air temperature helps control humidity.


Provided the molded area(s) as informed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home information guide, is about 10 square feet or less, you can clean/remove the mold yourself. To rid the mold, you can use biocides or chemicals such as chlorine bleach to help kill off organisms (please note: when cleaning, it is best to have ventilation as such chemicals and biocides do create toxic fumes that can be very harmful if inhaled).

Although these remedies will not completely remove mold, it will control and stop the growth of mold in your homes producing an even healthier/cleaner environment within your home.

Live healthy. Be healthy!


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