Holy Moldy! Controlling the Outspread of Mold

by Passion4Safety

Pollen is not the only thing this year we need to worry about. This spring season, we’ve reached a record high count of pollen causing higher than normal allergic/sinus outbreaks. Mold, by far, is another contributor we can add to the list that causes (minor) health issues.  Mold, a fungus that grows in damp areas, can cause health problems such as sinus, allergies, hay-fever, and common skin irritations if inhaled and/or physically exposed. The #1 way to stop the growth of mold is to reduce moisture. Allowing mold to grow in dampened areas without doing anything to stop its growth, could be asking for some irritating health problems I’m sure all if not most do not want to spend the inconvenienced time nor the money to treat. Let alone the damage(s) it can do to our property that can be costly to replace/repair or too damaged to preserve.

If you are concerned about mold being in your home, firstalertstore.com has a Mold Test Kit that is simple to use and affordable to achieve results (minimal lab analysis fee per sample).



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