Protecting Our Home Means Protecting Our Children

by Passion4Safety

As parents, especially parents of newborns and young children, we become quite concern with our children’s atmosphere; protecting our children from hurting themselves. We purchase electrical outlet covers, corner rail-guards, gates, etc., to protect our children from dangering themselves in our homes. Little do some know besides the protective coverings, there are more serious things in our atmosphere we need to worry about protecting our children from. Lead, a highly toxic metal, damages the nervous connections (especially in young children) causing blood and brain disorders (see: Wikipedia – Lead and for more information)., has a Lead Test Kit that is not only convenient to perform and simple to receive immediate results, but is affordable to purchase for the sake of safety, saving our children’s lives (not to mention our own) to perform and live a healthy, growing life.

Here is a video on what the Lead Test Kit contains and brief instructions:


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