Protecting your atmosphere: Radon Test Kit helps protect your health more than you can imagine!

by Passion4Safety

Radon is a colorless, odorless, and radioactive gas that can cause cancer. If air is breathed that contains radon, it can affect your immune system causing lung cancer. With this being said, this is a serious matter that can affect our lives, no matter how young and/or how older you may be. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, radon can get into your environment (home) in a number of ways:

–        cracks in solid floors

–        construction joints

–        cracks in walls

–        gap in suspended floors

–        gaps around service pipes

–        cavities inside walls

–        water supply

 I know you are now saying “well how can my home get tested?” “How much does testing cost?” “Let alone, will I be able to afford testing?” The answer to these questions is “you can get you home tested for Radon at a very affordable price and can do it yourself.” On, the Radon Test Kit ($13.99) comes with all test materials and mailing instructions for results. Not to mention, we have a video on the Radon Test Kit that shows you what contents are inside of the test kit (for those inquiring more information). Please do not wait until it’s too late to test for Radon in your home, do it now! Remember, you have control over your environment; take action now to save your life from unseen harm!


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