Resetting the Battery

By: SafetyLAB

Often I hear from customers that their alarm keeps alert them that they have a low battery even after they have put in a new battery. If this is happening to you your alarm might think you are taking out the dead battery and putting it right back into the alarm again. Let’s try to reset the alarm and see if it will stop the low battery alert.  Follow these steps to reset your alarm:

1)      Disconnect all power sources (take out the battery, if it is a plug in alarm remove it from the outlet, and if it is hardwired alarm disconnect it from any wiring)

2)      Hold the test/silence button for 20 seconds

3)      Reconnect all power sources (put the new battery in, plug back into the outlet, reconnect wiring)

This should reset the unit. This will only work if your alarm has a power source from a battery, either fully powered by a battery, plug in with battery backup or hardwired with battery backup.  Remember to test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms often!

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