First Alert Store recently launched Cash and Security Boxes (now available for purchase)

By Passion4Safety

Those days of hiding money under your bed, in a sock hidden in the back of your drawer, a piggy bank placed in your closet on the top shelf, or if you are anything like me hiding/stashing away money and other important variables in an old brief case with a combination lock to it, are genuine places however are not safe places (no matter how good we place/hide our keepsakes). All these hiding places may sound ridiculous, however, it has helped (I’m sure some may agree) to achieve one main task: to save/protect which is of important value to self whether it is money for the purpose of saving, credit cards, or precious family instruments that are to be handled with care. First Alert Store has recently launched First Alert Cash and Security Boxes (along with other types of safes that are currently being sold). Because it’s a general known fact of where you can find some of the most common (as well as unusual) hiding places and can have access on how to get whatever variable you are keepsaking, with First Alert Case and Security Boxes, access is tougher than you can imagine; not even a fire can get to your keepsake(s) inside, damaging them. On, you have your selections of First Alert’s Cash/Key Box, Cash Box, Deluxe Security Box, not to mention Deluxe Digital Security Box (for those who would like an extra-added security feature to their personal safe), not to mention a host of other safes that can accommodate other preservation needs.

For more information please visit or call in to (847) 991-4385 to speak with a representative who can help carry out your First Alert Needs.

Remember we no longer have to create a way of safety and protection; First Alert Store offers products that help achieve this task for us.


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