Special Pricing for the perfect Carbon Monoxide Detector

By: Safety LAB

We have special pricing on a great Carbon Monoxide Detector that I would consider to be several steps above our basic Carbon Monoxide Detectors. This detector is a plug in with battery backup.  The plug in will only cover one set of plugs in your outlet so you can still use the other side of the outlet and the battery backup will give you the assurance that if the power goes out your carbon monoxide alarm will still be working! This alarm also stores and recalls and displays the highest CO readings on its digital display.  When you need to test your alarm you can simply test it by using any standard infrared remote.  The best part about this alarm is the price.  We sell another alarm with very similar features for $38.49, however with our special pricing this alarm is $23.99!


1 Response to “Special Pricing for the perfect Carbon Monoxide Detector”

  1. 1 J. Cale December 18, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    I am just getting over a scary week at my home when my battery powered carbon monoxide detector went off,I had to wait till the fire department got there before i would know if it was really dangerous or not. Well it was at a dangerous level and had to evacuate my home( me and my son). I was told by the local fire department and the local gas company that changing to the type that has the digital read out are going to be more accurate. we had to replace my furnace and now we are going to the store and buying this type of detector.. Thank you so much for saving our lives…

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