First Alert Motion Sensing Light Socket

By Passion4Safety


I am one to say that when coming home from work, you do not always arrive back home with what you walked out the door with that following morning. Often times, you leave out for work with your brief case and/or work bag and a cup of coffee; maybe a donut, bagel, or cereal bar if that. Coming home (from work) is another story. Additional to your brief case and/or work bag with the empty coffee container that fueled your day, may be tomorrow’s paper or some items you needed to pick up from the store on the way in. At that point when you arrive home, there are just not enough hands to turn on the light as you enter into your home; leaving you to make a choice on either dropping everything you ensemble in your hands to turn on the light or just hold everything you have, hoping not to trip on any sudden thing on the floor in your dark house. Or what about when you go into your basement with laundry and can’t turn on the light because if you do, that pile of laundry you so neatly separated has now been disassembled and you have to re-separate the clothes again?  Point of the matter, no one wants the extra hassle!

 First Alert Motion Sensing Light Socket is a great, reasonable priced product that can help you operate with ease. All you have to do is screw the socket into your existing light socket and screw in your light bulb into the sensing socket and you are done (NOTE: for use with 25-100 watt light bulbs, does not work with fluorescent/energy saver bulbs). You no longer have to make a choice on putting bags down just to pick them back up once you turn on the light, make double work with your laundry just to bring it down into the basement, nor drive into a dark garage.


Below is a demonstration video of the Light Socket.



If you would like further information please click here.





First Alert Motion Sensing Light Socket is also great for walk in closets as well!


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